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Retaining Walls

 There are many situations where homes require retaining walls. That does not mean walls to retain the kids, or your wife or husband, when you want some peace and quiet! The term here applies to walls to retain your garden or backyard!

Many homes have been built on sloped ground, and while the home itself is level, the gardens or yards have been left on the sloped ground.  In this situation many owners prefer to have the slope levelled off into sections to provide, for example, flat play areas for the kids, barbecue areas and flat flower and vegetable beds, with steps leading down to each area. This is done using retaining walls. Retaining walls have to be able not only to hold the weight of earth behind and above them, but also to allow drainage in the event of a storm. The home-owner, on the other hand, wants retaining walls to look good; to fit in with the landscape design of the garden.